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Dominic Santucci


MIZU • Managing Director, Composer, Musician, Producer

{CEO} Sant Invictus Records

c: +1-208-949-4775

MIZU is a word of many meanings. In Chichewa, it is a double entendre. The first meaning being the roots of one's lineage and the second being the roots of nature. In Japanese MIZU means water. These three meanings resonate deeply with us because they encompass the main universal truths of our connections to nature, ourselves, family and community. 

Marco Santucci


MIZU • Finacial Manager, Composer, Musician, Producer

{CFO} Sant Invictus Records

Rocco Santucci


MIZU • Music Director, Composer, Musician, Producer

{CCO} Sant Invictus Records

The Santucci Brothers
& Mungo

After leaving their careers in 2016, The Santucci Brothers moved to Berlin to follow their passion in Music. There, they received their music degrees from a private music university and started Sant Invictus Records to produce music for a full length feature film titled "What Breaks the Ice." Shortly after completing their studies they moved back to their home-town of Boise, Idaho to build a music studio and follow their dreams creating an original album together as brothers. Once their studio was fully operational they began working with local artists and luckily connected with Mungo Ligoya. Mungo is a very talented multifaceted artist born in Malawi who recently graduated from College of Idaho. He can write, sing, dance, and paint with passion and grace. The Santucci Brothers and Mungo spent many sessions playing in the studio together, letting their souls fly free. From these sessions magical music and a beautiful friendship blossomed. Soon after, Mungo and The Santucci Brothers named their collaboration MIZU. 

Mungo Ligoya


MIZU • Composer, Producer, Vocalist, Choreographer

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